Does any of these situations ring a bell: you prepare yourself for entertaining guests or you have decided to throw a big party, everything is ready when all of a sudden you see that the traffic patterns and the stains on the carpet look hideous? I know, I have found myself in that same position many times, and every time the thing that saved me was a professional carpet cleaner. I would simply call my regular carpet cleaning service provider, they would send someone over to my house and a few hours later my carpets looked better when they were new. If you live in Auckland and you are in a need of professional carpet cleaner Auckland based service provider, I have a few hints on how to find it.

Carpet cleaner Auckland based service provider – the bonnet method

If a carpet cleaner Auckland based service provider comes to your house and asks you whether you want your carpets to be cleaned with the utilization of the bonnet method, there are few things you should know before you give a positive answer. First of all, the application of the bonnet carpet cleaning method insinuates a usage of cleaning solution that is sprayed all over your carpet. This cleaning solution will make your carpets look shiny and new, and due to the usage of the cotton bonnet your carpets will be dry in less than an hour, however due to the chemical solvent and the harsh cleaning technique, the bonnet method isn’t suited for every household and every type of carpet. If your carpets are hand woven wool carpets or if your family is comprised of toddler and pets, skip the bonnet method. The hand woven carpets can be ruined by the agitated rinsing and the residue of the solution can be dangerous for crawling babies and pets.

Carpet cleaner Auckland based service provider – hot water chemical cleaning

The second type of service your carpet cleaner Auckland based provider may offer you is the hot water cleansing. However, there are two subtypes of the cleansing, and the first one is with the utilization of harsh chemicals whilst the other one uses only natural ingredients. During the course of the first hot water harsh chemical process, a chemical solution will be sprayed onto your carpets, which will trigger them into releasing all of the dirt caught deep beneath their surface. Then a projectile of hot water is used to wash out the solution along with the dirt and the stains. This method takes lots of drying time, yet once your carpets are dry, they will look as good as new. Still due to the use of harsh chemicals, it is not advisable to opt for this method if you have toddlers or pets.

Carpet cleaner Auckland based service provider – hot water natural cleaning

If you are inclined into going for the second service suggested to you by your carpet cleaner Auckland based provider, you should know that the solvents sprayed on the carpets are 100 natural and hazard free. However, due to the lack of chemicals, some of the stains may not be eradicated completely. Nonetheless, if you are a mother and you have kids who love rolling on the carpets, I advise you to choose this carpet cleaning type of service.

May have just started, the weather is very hot, air conditioning is missing from many families can’t sleep at night. However, recent CDC air-conditioned health and household surveys, find home air conditioning radiator contains a lot of bacteria, which average 9,998/25cm2 fungus, bacteria, an average of 11,150/25cm2, dirty as much as central air conditioning. Power supply set, thousands of germs with air blowing, sweat on your sticky on the skin … … Well, think about sick!


Air cleaner including fuselage, mesh, such as outdoor temperature exchanger section. Basic supplies are: cloth, brush and running water. Someone used to rub detergent, professionals recommend the use of air cleaners and disinfectants.


Mesh is the most dirty parts. Use half a month to clean at least once during the summer. Filter best rinse with running water, and then gently brush with a brush.


After the filter is the heatsink will also be gathering dust, cleaning not only health, can also increase the refrigeration capacity. Heat sink is not demolished, should be canned cleaning agents when cleaning the nozzles move closer to the heat sink 4~6 cm from the top down injection, careful not to allow the detergent spatter on other parts.
Air conditioner in use for some time, filter, evaporator and air supply system will accumulate large amounts of dust, dirt, produces large quantities of bacteria and viruses. These harmful substances in indoor air circulation, air pollution, diseases, serious harm to human health. Dirt will reduce the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning, increasing power and shorten the service life of air conditioning. Therefore, when air conditioning use after a period of time or season is down, must be cleaned. To ensure that you have a healthy, fresh air environment.
Cleaning tools:
Nylon brush style imitates the 2CM, did not find a shoe brush replacement.
Worn out towels for two blocks, confrontation is a plus.
Aluminum ladder one, no stool instead, Yao Ming’s height is not doing this.
A household cleaner, not worth mentioning.
Denim a chunk, no sheets in place.
Cleaning agent:
Kitchen cleaning agent for removing oil, powerful type of bottle that spray
Washing location:
Home bathroom shower area.
1, goods under cover air conditioning indoor units with denim and ladder climbing.
Air conditioning in 2, cutting off power supply, remove all the air conditioner indoor unit Panel (turn on, light drag), take out the filter slightly with hands (naked eye
Observation of media forms (don’t frown) by aides diverted to shower, the erection of the wall.
3, use the vacuum Sweeper exposed heat sink several times until you verify that there are no dirt. Powerful cleaning solution spray a little on towels to wipe
Other plastic parts up until the new.
4, after the break immediately returned shower, with a mighty blast Panel and filter, (have to spray both sides), in five minutes
Dirt decomposition is complete, rinse with shower flower Sub panel and filter (adjust shower to spray works best).
5, wash the filter drying stand, a panel with a dry cloth, also check the crevices are clean or brush to serve.
6, recovery, power, power the system on.
After cleaning, the air conditioning evaporator for dust, dirt, germs are gone, air is fresh and clean and comfortable, air conditioning use less battery power, and family’s health is protected.
Bedroom cleaning tips


Bedroom living open space sites, so must be safe, environmentally friendly cleaning method and apparatus. Usually we are sweeping, mopping, at year-end housecleaning time, better targeting will hide in the cracks of dirt to clean, make the bedroom more comfortable and considerate.


First of all, clean the dust, sweeping order to the ceiling-wall-floor, hard surface if they are washable, you can use a cleaning agent and follow the instructions after dilution, large area, wipe or wash, and finally wipe dry with a clean cloth. Seldom-clean window screens, aluminum door, can be thoroughly scrubbed with cleanser, then rinse with water to dry.


In addition, if you have kids in the House, floor cleaning notice also antibacterial. Because children like crawling to get toys are thrown all over the floor, if the floor is not clean, bacteria are everywhere, kids on the ground and touched the West-East touch, bit his finger, environmental focus of antibacterial floor clean.
In cloth when you clean the bedroom bedding collection storage. Tools used: vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths.


Bedroom cleaning procedure: first of all, the dust with a vacuum cleaner clean up, clean from top to bottom in the order, first clean the ceiling, walls, floor, wall surface if they are washable, you can use a cleaning agent and follow the instructions after dilution, large area, wipe or wash, and finally wipe dry with a clean cloth.


Tips: curtains ready in advance, put it in a clean place spare (without cleaning the curtains from the cleaning company services). In order to avoid bed linen falling dust when cleaning, it is best to old newspapers laying on the bed. In addition, easily fall on the bed surface dust, easy to clean contaminated dust, not only easy to indoor air pollution, but also bad for the health. Therefore, the best bedding in your wardrobe.
Corner of bedroom it is important to clean up.
Mattress: it may have a lot of dust mites, the best monthly scrubbing with hot water and the Sun.
Indoor Trash: especially in kitchens and bathrooms, empties does not mean clean, needs regular cleaning.
Shower curtains: they are often wet, always in a humid State, can easily be contaminated.
Disinfection cupboards: edge sealing rubber to scrub.
Wool products for second, dusting.
Using the old wool socks, or old sweater friction dust.
Third, the “vinegar + water” clean the sewers.
Just a week and a half cup of vinegar plus a pot of boiling water or Splash of soda water into the sewer, to clean and to prevent clogging.
D “alcohol + water” polished glass.
With one-third cups of white vinegar and one scoop of detergent, or one-fourth per alcoholic drink distilled water can make the room bright. Use caution when, scrubbed with cotton dipped in cleaning Windows better than spray.
Five, “” alcohol + water + dish soap “cleaning the bathroom.
Get a spray bottle filled with water, and add some detergent and one-fourth scoop of detergent made from alcohol, to clean the bathroom and kitchen tiles.
Six, made flour for the bathroom deodorant.
Flour on the toilet after 15 minutes into the vinegar, then rinse after using a brush, instant odor.
Seven, microwave sterilizing cutting board.
5% vinegar spray can be used, and then microwave for 30 seconds. If cutting board cannot be placed in the microwave oven, wipe with alcohol. Alcohol will evaporate so no need to worry about harmful to the human body, rinse with clean water before the next use
Now a holiday home are full, the kitchen after the fight, just grazing holiday do cleaning and maintenance, will usually ignore the small place is carefully cleaned, still able to keep clean the kitchen, bringing cooking good mood.


First stove cleaning


Clean with a damp cloth, if accumulated grease spots are available with SOAP water and mild detergent to clean, to draw a circle from the outside and gently, do not use strong chemical cleaners. Especially the stone countertop be sure to avoid contact with strong chemical cleaners. After you clean the surface with a damp cloth, and then sucked dry with a dry cloth or paper.


When cooking, avoid hot pots, hot water bottle directly on the table, to damage countertops, even lead to surface cracking. During the holidays, if you frequently use the kitchen, may wish to take in the stove was covered with a thick layer of paper, and then replace clean cleaning paper on time, which can reduce the stove pollution.


Are most easily get dirty in the kitchen where the stove, usually when you finish cooking stove was “tragically”, for ease of cleaning the stove, finished a meal, should be at the temperature the stove with a damp cloth and soapy water or soda to wipe, if you attempt to completely cool before cleaning the stove, oil spill, boiling porridge of rice soup, and so it is difficult to wipe out.


Second step pool cleaner


Cabinet basin while washing dishes to wash the dishes, are contaminated washing water in the oil, if you don’t completely washed pool wall after a while you get a layer of grease. Especially during long holidays such as the kitchen is heavily used, easier to accumulate dirt, if no specific pool cleaner, in contaminated places a pinch of salt and a waste of plastic wrap up and down to wipe, wipe with warm water after washing several times, or pool of bright as new.


Around corners and into the water of the pool to prepare specialized small scrub brush or toothbrush cleans with the fine salt, SOAP, detergent, water the water cover was the best at 20-30 minutes with warm soapy water, decontamination of achieving the desired effect.


Tap the dirt could not be ignored, dirt on the steel wool can be used to deal with old detergent to clean, after cleaning with water, then with a wet cloth dipped in toothpaste or lemon slices over and wipe directly, can tap back light.


Step three cooktop cleaning


Range hood is the most difficult to clean the stove in the kitchen, year-round and range hood over to not only traces of oil in the oil box difficult to clear, smoke four weeks are also often found traces of oil. Clean smoke when first powered smoke machine, and oil fall in the first cellar, General oil box filled with oil-probably should be cleared in time. Oil cellar after soaking in soapy water or mild detergent solution into lukewarm water for 20 minutes or so, if oil persistence can be soaked for 40 minutes.


Oil screen better than the cellar cleaning, if you have a small amount of oil can be used directly after soaking in warm water rinse and dry, if oil pollution the more serious, can be soaked with oil. In order to make the cellar better clean up, you can wash oil in the box labelled in a layer of plastic wrap, wrap the edge must be box over oil, or oil in the box a little diluted detergent.


Fourth step Cookware cleaner


Chopping block after using prone to odor, once cutting board odors should be cleaned immediately. Since cutting boards are directly in contact with food, best not to wipe with detergent and other chemicals.


Household vinegar can effectively clean smell cutting board, two spoons of vinegar mixed with 200 ml of warm water, and then to have laid a paper towel placed on a cutting board for 15 minutes, on the chopping block is easy to remove dirt, odors will disappear, there are some bactericidal effect. In addition, the chopping block after using laundry in a timely manner, can be dry when sunny, to disinfection and sterilization.


Long-term use of glassware, such as bottles, if you don’t have a lot of dirt, without detergent, tea wash wipe. Scrub printed glassware designs can use paper tissue, avoid using detergent cleaning, to avoid corrosion of the prints. If the grease stain is thick and smelly, after crush egg shells can be put in the bottle, add a small amount of warm water Cap tight top, up and down for about 1 minute or so, and then to shell residue, rinse with clean water.

Kitchen tools stain tips


1. Kitchen wood with oil, scrub with bleach water.


2. Stainless steel products white spots due to hard water, use vinegar wipe.


3. Lacquer, grease, scrub with vegetables that are available.


4. When scale is glassware and pottery, with a mixture of vinegar and salt scrub.


5. Copper kettle or copper pots, you can use a cloth dipped in a little lemon juice and fine salt to scrub clean.


6. Thermos shell such as fouling, cuttlefish bone lightly brush for as long as a few you can look brand new.


7. Tea Cup over a long time will accumulate a layer of Brown chagou. Free fine salt to scrub, scrub with a cloth dipped in toothpaste.


Kitchen odor removal


Always store leftovers in the kitchen, there are food waste, are the most prone to smell summer place. Remove kitchen odors can be used in two ways:


1. Eliminate odors the most direct way is to refuse and prevent their exposure in the air as far as possible, but it still does not completely eliminate the smell in the kitchen. Japan housewife before they go to sleep, usually diluted with some vinegar, in the corner of the pool, the next morning, kitchen air becomes clean.


2. Use a cutting board before the water wash, cutting board surface with a layer of water film, not easy to wash the taste of, cut the food wouldn’t be distributed after smell.


Tiles around the stove cleaning


Vulnerability of the white tiles around the stove oil BLOB, easy to clean, no calendar color plastic film, coated with washing spirits in the paste around on the tile, this will save cleaning time and your favorite patterns, once every few months.


Specially in addition to sewer odors


After handling onions, fish in the kitchen, will stay for a long time not to smell the sewer. At this time, you can use some orange, orange or lemon peel, tucked in at the drain of the sink. Taste these fruits will eliminate all odors, keeping your kitchen fresh air.


Pot cleaner


1. Scrub the pot of boiled syrup, use alkaline water boil wash, easy to wash.


2. Before the boiling milk, hot pots with cold water or ice water, then pour the milk, milk after cooking will not hang on the pot, milk pot is easy to wash.


3. Enamel pot after it has been smoked, particularly difficult to clean. Cleaning spirits, scouring powder, steel wool doesn’t work, found on the end of a piece of incense ash fell in the fall General cleaning cloth, dipped in a bit of water, wipe the pot, dirt can easily be rubbed off, and then flush with water.


4. Crispy rice sticks on the bottom is not easy to remove, add to the pan the bicarbonate scrubbing, bleach and boiling water, it is much easier.


5. Rice cooker home appliance products such as the edge of the gap is small and difficult to clean. Half long broken chopsticks inserted between the folds of fabric and fabric, rolled up one end, complete with rubber bands fixed “chopsticks cloth”, one can dig up and wipe the stain of double jobs to complete.
Cleaning of kitchen grease
Pour vinegar on the surface oil in the MOP scrub to get rid of the oil on the ground. Oil if the concrete floor is difficult to remove, at night the water for dry ash, tune into a paste, rinse with clear water again, the ground can be very exciting.
Furniture oil plus amount of vinegar in the water, wipe to remove grease. Or soak for a minute and then wipe with bleach solution, decontamination effect is also good.


Cabinet cleaning and maintenance


Countertop cleaning Cabinet table with artificial stone, fire Board, stainless steel, natural stone, wood and other materials, different materials have different cleaning methods. Artificial stone and stainless steel material of Cabinet avoid with hard mass hundred clean cloth, and wire ball, and chemical preparations wipe or steel brush abrasive cleaning, to with soft towel, and soft hundred clean cloth with water wipe or with bright agent wipe, or on will caused scraping marks or erosion; fire Board material of cabinet can using household clean agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball wipe, again with hot and humid cloth towel wipe; natural stone countertop Yi with soft hundred clean cloth, cannot with toluene class clean agent wipe, or difficult to clear spent white spot. If the Cabinet is wood material should use a duster to clean the dust, again with a dry cloth or wood maintenance special emulsion to wipe, do not use a wet cloth to clean and oil.


Countertop care no matter what kinds of materials are afraid of the high temperature erosion, hot pot, kettle should be taken to avoid direct contact with the kitchen cabinets, it is placed on the pot; operation should try to avoid using sharp objects to strike the surface, door to avoid scratches. Chemical erosion to many countertop materials, such as stainless steel to rust salt level on the countertop, so should also be taken to avoid soy sauce bottles and other items normally placed directly on the surface; artificial plywood Cabinet should avoid water stranded on the surface for a long time.


Door panel clean material and the surface of the door, so its maintenance and cleaning, and surface plots. Class paint door panels are not available soluble cleaning agents; all benzene class solvent and a resin solvent should not be done Panel cleaner.


Door maintenance avoid water soaking into the door on the countertop, or long door will deform; when the abnormal noise of door hinges and the handle has become loose and should be adjusted in a timely manner or to notify the manufacturers maintenance; solid wood door furniture water wax cleaning and maintenance can be used.


When the Cabinet is clean every time you clean the sink, remember to put the cartridge tube neck ends together after washing to avoid long-term accumulation of oil volume more if long accumulation of grease in the sink pipes are not easily washed, then try it in the sink in the kitchen to pour some oil cleaner, after using hot water, and then rinse with cold water.


Cabinet body maintenance hanging Cabinet of hosted force general than Xia Cabinet, so hanging cabinet within for placed comparison light of items, as seasoning tank and the glass cup, weights best put in Xia Cabinet in; containers should cleaning clean Hou again into Cabinet in the, special to note of is to put containers wipe dry; Cabinet in the of hardware pieces with dry cloth wipe, avoid drops left in its surface caused water marks; cuisine Taiwan of sink can prior with fine silk Pocket live internal filter box, prevent cuisine chip and the small residue blocked pipes.
Door and window glass cleaner approach
1. use warm towels dipped in beer or vinegar to clean the glass, dirt on the glass can be quickly erased.


2. put some chalk dust on the glass of water or plaster, dry with a cloth after cleaning, wipe the glass can be.


3. put some water in the basin, pour some shampoo after you muddle, using it to wipe the glass, will be all the more comfortable.


4. winter frost the glass surface, cloth moistened with brine or spirits can be used to clean, works well.


5. the scale on the glass, or with a cloth dipped in toothpaste, wipe, wipe clean and bright.


6. take a wet two pieces of cloth sacks, both sides of the glass with a damp cloth to wipe it again; and then with a dry cloth moistened with a small amount of white wine, and wipe the glass, clean and bright.


7. the glass road, petrol-driven available rubber friction, then wipe with a damp cloth.


8. glass or mirror stained with paint, cotton dipped in turpentine oil, heat the vinegar can be used to scrub.


9. When you clean the window, put some Indigo in the water will increase the luster of glass, such as 8% of ammonia water will make the glass glow, no dust.


10. wipe glass clean it with Pantyhose dipped in water is very clean, and waxing on the glass, dust-proof.


11. with a clean towel, dip in equal amounts of denatured alcohol and ether mixture to wipe the glass surface, then some iron pink, light crystal glass. Dazzling Crystal chip that scratches the glass to make it.


12. used newspapers to clean the window is also very bright.
1. apply wax go mould some environmental moisture in the bathroom, not cleaned for a long time, tiles of small mold seams prone to dark green. Can be cleaned one more time after the bathroom, tile seams waxed coating, this will greatly reduce the possibility of mildew.


2. vinegar dip Unclog your shower after you shower in the evening, pour half a cup of vinegar in the basin, then put on some water, then remove the shower, soak in the vinegar, and the next morning, shower thoroughly clean, smooth water.


3. put some SOAP on SOAP to prevent mirror blurry in the mirror, and then wipe again with a dry cloth, together to form isolated steam protection film. If you have unwanted perfume, used to wipe the mirror better.


4. get rid of bathroom odor of lemon peel or hot tea in the bathroom, odor will disappear soon. If the smell is coming from the toilet in, lit a match thrown into the toilet, the smell will soon remove.


5. drink left Coke to wash the toilet put the drink left Coke yellow toilet, soaking for 10 minutes, and dirt can usually be cleared. If dirt still not completely clear the toilet, brush further scrubbing.
Carpet cleaning-cleaning of basic matters to be noted:
Carpets are vacuumed once a week, often requires more frequent cleaning of the stampede. Vacuum can often prevent grains of sand to accumulate, thereby extending carpet life, since excessive sand can fray the carpet fibers. Every few weeks, then spend some more time with crack cleaning tools for panelling, heating and other hard to reach places clean.


Vacuum carpet covered the entire floor, the first floor was divided into four parts, individually clean the various parts of the carpet.
Takes some time to vacuum carpets, sweeping dirt imbues the plush carpet in particular, to take some time. Using high-powered, vertical vacuum again is not enough. Have to examine each part of the carpet several times, slow operation to allow the suction device to remove all dust and dirt in the carpet.
People sit on it and moving the feet of those places to be extra attention. When you vacuum them often walked on the place, you can cross the Cross movement.
New carpet or newly-cleaned carpet can also be sprayed antifouling agent. When spraying, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only the recommended method of sprayed antifouling agent with professional equipment.
Vacuum cleaners collected dirt bags added baking soda to eliminate odors.
Carpet cleaning-tips for stain treatment:
Smell is fairly minor problem, stains are much more trouble. Almost every piece of carpet has stains, and difficult to remove. For stains on the carpet, the first principle is cleaned immediately. If the dirt sticks to the carpet soon found that most easily removed completely. Before using any cleaning solution, carefully sucking or scraped off all the dirt, removes the dirt as possible.


Before using any cleaning solution, first in an inconspicuous place carpet testing to ensure that the detergent does not damage carpets or carpets to fade. Using existing tested before cleaning, to ensure the cleaner will not damage the carpet.
Don’t rub the stain, because it has the potential to make the stain bigger.
When using a stain remover, cleaning stains from the outside in order to avoid the widening stain. After using cleaning fluid, the liquid drains.
To dry carpet and carpet fuzz on the Shan back upright, with a piece of clean white towels are the best yet.
If you still feel exposed to to dry the carpet too wet can be a stack of about 1.9 cm thick white towels in the wet and heavy pressure on the towel.
Homemade carpet cleaning-carpet freshener
The following is a recipe for homemade carpet freshener:


Carpet cleaning
1 cup grated dry herbs (Rosemary, Artemisia and lavender are all correct)
1 tsp of clove powder
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp baking soda
Reconciliation of all these ingredients, and then transfer mixture to sprinkle on the carpet. Let the mixture on the carpet for some minutes, then vacuum to remove.
Here are two other types of mixtures:
In a small box small Su hit drip a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil, and then as a freshener to sprinkle it on the carpet. 10-20 minutes the mixture on the carpet, and then remove with a vacuum cleaner.
1 cup baking soda, 1 cup of corn starch and mix 15 drops of essential oil. Let the mixture on the carpet for 10-20 minutes, then vacuum to remove. Dubbed the mixture stored in glass bottles or in the sealed container.
Carpet cleaning-the handling of specific stains
May have too much dirty carpets, for example, drink, chewing gum and so on. In this section, we will show you how to get rid of a variety of specific stains.


Carpet cleaning
Acid stains: detergents and vinegar such acid stains need to be dealt with promptly. Immediately with a solution of baking soda to the water service or with steam and water to dilute the stain. Then, 1 part ammonia to 10 parts of water to pour the solution on the stain. Rinse with cold water, drying, vacuum again.
Alcoholic beverages: quickly in cold water to dilute the stain. Drain excess liquid. Then, using 1 teaspoon of detergent, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain, and then to dry the carpet. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Blood: blood sucked dry as much as possible. Then, using 1 teaspoon of detergent, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain, and then to dry the carpet. Pour dry cleaning fluid. After the carpet to dry, slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Butter: scrape the butter as far as possible. Pour dry cleaning fluid, and then to dry the carpet. If the stains are still there, repeat the steps above. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Wax: press the small square ice cubes on the wax. After the wax hardens, you can take it off.
Sauce stain: place 1 cup of vinegar to 2 cups of water into the mixture on the stain and wipe with sponge. Leave the sponge dry, wipe, and then wring out until the stains disappear.
Chewing gum: gum will stick to the carpet stain on the carpet, so to small pieces of ice in a sticky gum and let it harden. Gum hardens, you can take it off later.
Chocolate: chocolate from carpet immediately scrape. With, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and about 1 teaspoon detergent 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain. Then rinse clean. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Coffee: coffee that spilled on the carpet immediately sucks. Then, using 1 teaspoon of detergent, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain, and then to dry the carpet. Pour dry cleaning fluid. After the carpet to dry, slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Pastel oil: you can shave stick crayon, grease stains on the carpet; you can also use the following methods to remove the grease: blotting paper lining the crayons on the spot, then with an iron heated on the blotting paper, until the blotting paper melted crayon, grease drain. Move the blotting paper from time to time so it is not soaked. Pour dry cleaning fluid, and then to dry the carpet. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Fruit chips: fruit juice stains on the carpet is difficult to remove, but if the rapid processing as follows, you can generally avoid permanent stains. Scrape fruit cuttings on the stains on the carpet, sucking the juice. With, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and about 1 teaspoon detergent 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stains, and then to dry the carpet. If the stains are still there, repeat the steps above. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Gravy: gravy to be sprinkled on the carpet as possible wipe. With, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and about 1 teaspoon detergent 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain. To dry the carpet. Pour dry cleaning fluid, and then to dry the carpet. Vacuum.
Sludge: after the mud to dry, then brush or scrape it off as much as possible. With, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and about 1 teaspoon detergent 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain. To dry the carpet. If the stain still there, pour dry cleaning fluid, then sucks. The stain after dry, slowly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
Salad seasoning: sucks dressing as much as possible. With 1 teaspoon of detergent, 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 1 heat up water mix into solution. Pour the solution on the stains. To dry the carpet. If the stain still there, repeat the steps above. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Soft drinks: soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, helps you to quickly clear the drink spilled on the carpet, but to quickly deal with, drink some of the pigment may leave permanent stains on the carpet. Suck the drink spilled on the carpet. With, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and about 1 teaspoon detergent 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain. To dry the carpet. If the stains are still there, repeat the steps above. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Urine: use 1 teaspoon of detergent, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 warming water mixed up solutions. Pour the solution on the stain. To dry the carpet. If the stains are still there, repeat the steps above. Slowly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Vomiting: vomit to be dealt with expeditiously. Wipe the vomit as possible and then immediately with a solution of baking soda to the water service or with soda to dilute the stain. 1 part ammonia to 10 parts of water to pour the solution on the stain. Rinse with cold water, drying, vacuum again.
Wine: If you spill red wine on the carpet, just dilute it with white wine, and then wash it with cold water the stain, sprinkle salt on after cleaning. Wait ten minutes, then vacuum to remove salt.
Complete carpet cleaning-carpet cleaning
During use of the carpet, vacuum is sometimes unable to restore the appearance of your carpet cleaning. Determine the need to thoroughly clean four main indicators: tangle and the carpet was sticky; carpet color, and color of your new carpet offcuts left no longer; full circle chairs around the carpet stains; carpets when you run across the room filled with a lot of dust.


If your rug in any one of these four conditions are met, you need to carry out thorough cleansing. If you don’t have the time and energy to carry out thorough cleansing, the best professionals to do it. On both sides of the carpet cleaning only one way, is to use a carpet cleaning machine (detergent) stir the cleaning, flush with the dehydrator. Steps are as follows:
Prior to the cleaning of carpets, first check whether the rug will fade. Cleaning solution (what are you going to use to clean carpets) soak a white towel, and then with a white towel to wipe an inconspicuous part of the carpet. If the color of the towel is not to wash carpets, then use this cleaning liquid on the carpet is probably safe.
Moved furniture out as far as possible, to furniture legs or bottom left labelled foil or plastic film so as not to leave freckled in the carpet.
First of all, with a vacuum cleaner clean carpet, and then cleaning and pretreatment for stains, carpet cleaning machines for final cleaning of carpets.
Use the carpet cleaning machine instructions.
Surface of the carpet with a single stroke.
Do not use high pressure cleaning machines.
Immediately wipe off the cleaning fluid on the legs of furniture and wood products and foam to prevent damage.
After cleaning machine for cleaning, Shake out the carpet wet let it dry faster.
After cleaning to ensure that ventilation of rooms, to make your carpet dry faster.
Does not dry completely before do not go above the carpet.
Carpet cleaning-carpet back to its original look
If your carpet has been burnt out, stain or fade, all you have to do in the appropriate place to put on a big Chair, and then forget about it. You can also use the following simple method the carpet back to its original look.
If you use detergent will make the carpet color, try the artist uses acrylic paint to trim pockets. If acrylic paint does not work, then try the corresponding color felt rough markers or permanent ink marking pen. Slow-trimming to bring color into the carpet fibers.
To fix heavy furniture on the carpet out of the depression, you can try the steaming. Hold the steam iron to make it as close as possible to the carpet, so that steam can function on the carpet, but do not let the iron directly touch the carpet fibers, especially synthetic fiber, which makes fiber melting. With a coin or spoon picked up carpet fibers.


Carpet cleaning
Steaming can trim carpet depression (middle),
Then with a spoon stir up carpet fibers (right)
If a carpet cord is loose, cut the wires so that the carpet pile formation. If you’re going to pull off this thread, has the potential to be a rug that break up.
To repair burned chunks of carpet, only the carpet to remove the burnt out and put on a patch of the same size and shape. Double-sided carpet tape glue or latex adhesive patch.
To repair burned on both sides of a small carpet, you can cut off the charred carpet fibers, setting out coated with white glue. Then, from carpet debris or inconspicuous place (can be a closet) on the carpet cut carpet fibers. Before the glue didn’t do, stick on cut fiber. If you do not burn the carpet back, as long as the peripheral cut burnt fibers with scissors. Slightly shorter few carpet fibers will not be noticed.
If you follow the tips in this article to clean, you’ll more fully use their own carpet. If you know the replacement of carpeting how much it costs, it would certainly help you.
When cleaning, there are always some “tough” stains to be frustrating, here to tell you a few tips, help you to remove stubborn stains with ease, making furniture look brand new.


1 scale, tile joints in black. Only one clean brush, toothpaste, a candle. Extrusion amount of toothpaste on the brush, longitudinal scrubbing the tile seams; candle is then applied to the seams, portrait painting again, then landscape painting again, make candles and tile thickness the thickness of flat, after it’s hard to be on the contaminated oil.


2, tea stains on the coffee table. Usually tea on the coffee table, long leave unsightly patches of dirt. You can sprinkle some water on the table, cigarette box, foil to wipe and scrub with water, to wash the tea stains.


3, bamboo or rattan on the scale. Bamboo, rattan with a long, often fouling, discoloration can be scrubbed with a soft cloth dipped in salt water, decontamination, and can keep the furniture is soft and ductile.


4, switch fade. Electrical plating switch often touch, eroded by Khan, are often lost luster, you can apply some Vaseline to prevent salt erosion.


5, burn marks on the surface of wooden furniture. If on cups and plates heat directly on the furniture, paint tends to leave burn marks in a circle. With a cloth dipped in alcohol, toilet water, iodine, or tea, gently wipe on the IRON MARK; or apply a layer of Vaseline on the IRON MARK, two days later and then wipe with cloth, IRON MARK will be eliminated.


6, burn marks on the surface of wooden furniture. Smoke, soot or matches that are not out burning things, sometimes leaving burn marks on furniture paint. If the paint is burning, can pack a layer of hard on a toothpick, gently wipe the traces, then coated with a layer of wax and burn marks can be removed.


7, sticker residue on the surface of furniture. After the trademark tear on furniture, often leaving adhesive residue, sticky and dirty, you can bold eraser to wipe it. In addition, the chewing gum stain eraser available to go on the floor.


8, white stains on the surface of the furniture. White furniture in the House is easy to get dirty, wipe it off with the cloth to blot, it might be the toothpaste on a clean cloth, simply wipe gently, furniture stain will be removed. But not too much, so as to avoid injury to finish.


9 wooden furniture, floors or cracks. Old newspapers can be cut up, add the appropriate amount of alum, or rice soup cooked into a paste with water, using a knife to be embedded in the cracks and trowel, will be very strong, then painted in the same color paint, furniture will restore what.


10, wood floor cleaner. Scrubbed recommended a modification of milk solution. Expired milk often deteriorates, sour, didn’t have to fall, twice times the amount of water available to dilute it, and then with a soft cloth after the invasion wrung, firmly on the floor, wipe, can make it an entirely new look.


11, sink odor. Coffee grounds into the sink, and then be washed away with water, to get rid of sewer odor and greasy.
Carpet must be cleaning every once in a while, or dirt on the carpet will affect home or Office environment, sometimes a careless booty down to the carpet, wash off immediately. Carpet cleaning relatively trouble, to fast and effective cleaning of stolen goods, is a headache. What about the how to clean carpet? Any good methods of carpet cleaning? Use the following cleaning agents and cleaning method can be easily resolved.
Fabric carpet cleaners
Clear water
Tissue paper or a dry cloth
Hair brush
Fabric carpet cleaners at dirt-stained carpet spray several times, and then brush back and forth with a brush, repeated several times;
With a clean cloth dipped in water, hair brush, repeatedly rub back and forth several times;
With a dry tissue or cloth to drain water on the carpet, dry the carpet after water becomes clean again.
This method is only suitable for pure natural carpet cleaning agent to clean the carpet, if General petrochemical cleanser, residue on the carpet of the chemical health risk.
When using a cloth dipped in clean water, cloth not too wet, as long as the moist can be aimed at drawing hair brush off dirt and cleaning foam on the carpet.
Sucked dry with dry tissue paper when water on the carpet, do not rub back and forth to avoid dry tissue paper scraps left on the carpet, clean results.
1 the purpose
Keep this Office tidy
2 workflow
1) room garbage, debris and other concentrated unwinding in a garbage bag;
2) finish all documents, papers and office supplies;
3) emptying the ashtray, with a clean wet cloth tightly wrung after hard, wipe the table, chairs, cabinets, doors and Windows, flower pots;
4) Executive desk, executive chair with a dry towel and bi-Rachel care agent for cleaning and maintenance;
5) carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner once a week;
6) event of meeting, learning, visitors to visit after you set up a conference room tables and chairs and other seats, each brewing a cup of tea, tea of seven minutes, and place a clean ashtray;
7) per hour for a comprehensive inspection, cleaning;
8) outer wall glass pigging once a month, inside the Qing with a dry towel to wipe once a day, remove dust, fingerprints; lighting, lamp, air conditioner blowing air, fire led with a clean towel over a month;
9) ceiling dust-swept once a month;
10) not just flip in the Office all goods, documents, Office supplies should handle with care;
11) do not use the same towel to wipe the surface clean the Windows and doors;
12) vacuums can’t use computer outlets;
13) rub when your computer, electrical appliances with a dry towel.
3 standard
Clean, free of debris and dust, spider webs, dirt, and table and chairs, sofa, closet dust